Unmistakable Creative, Community and Compass with Srini Rao

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Meet Srinivas Rao  founder of UnmistakableCreative.com and ‘Internet Famous’ for living an unmistakably creative life, writing a best selling book “The Art of Being Unmistakable” and Host of the “Unmistakable Creative Podcast” interviewing some of the most awesome and interesting people! (Did we mention he is unmistakably creative?)

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Laura Monroe (new Marketing Director for Real Satisfied!) discovered and sent me Srini’s Compass  knowing I would love it and suggested we do a CTM with Srini! 🙂 That girl knows me well!  I have been connected with Srini for some time, a fellow Misfit, Srini embraces carving out his own path to success which he says is best found using a ‘compass’ vs a ‘road map’. I had read The Compass before an agreed Srini has a unique perspective on the world, the not so straight path to success and entrepreneurship and in this Conversation That Matter, he shares his story with vulnerability and authenticity.


*we did this #CTM while Srini was on the road to San Diego so audio only.



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