The Power in Embracing Failure with Lindsey Smith at CIR

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What is it about the topic of failure that sends people running for the hills? It’s a universal challenge we all face, and yet the topic is shrouded with shame and hidden at all costs.  None are spared and yet we judge when someone appears weak or struggling.

This topic is prevalent in Real Estate (nay LIFE) and my guest this week, Professional Development Manager at CIR Realty in Calgary  shared his view on failure and how embracing a ‘This too shall pass’ philosophy and a willingness to share his ‘failings’ has opened him up to possibility that I would argue positions him to accomplish far more.

Lindsey Smith brings incredible VISION, VALUES and EXPERIENCE to his company and agents. He’s been a licensed Realtor®, a Team Leader and a trainer, and shares openly all of his hard earned lessons. More importantly he has a phenomenally strong mindset!

Life is a series of ups and down and Lindsey embraces the ‘This too shall pass’ mantra (which I do too!) And he quotes W. Mitchell ~ the victim of a burning accident who says

“It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it.”

Lindsey also spoke about being willing to take a risk and asking for what you want and referenced the book Crucial Conversations; Tools for Talking When The Stakes Are High which I plan to chase down for a read!

The BIG take away is Lindsey’s philosophy: “How many people I help will determine my worth.” << That’s a TWEETable! 😉

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