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Building Momentum for your Business

Push vs Pull, Law of Attraction or just plain physics. There are certain laws of the universe at work in determining your success. We’ve all experienced it. You get in a funk. Nothing seems to be working. You feel like you’re beating your head against a wall, your attitude tanks.  You’ve lost your mojo and […]

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There is No ‘One Size Fits All’ When it Comes To Success

There is a practice that seems prevalent amongst most business coaches. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach which involves setting high goals; constant tracking and measuring and a lot of shaming when you don’t accomplish. An assumption based on the idea that we’re all pursuing the same ‘success.’ I was sitting in a session recently where the coach (whom […]

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The Power in Embracing Failure with Lindsey Smith at CIR

What is it about the topic of failure that sends people running for the hills? It’s a universal challenge we all face, and yet the topic is shrouded with shame and hidden at all costs.  None are spared and yet we judge when someone appears weak or struggling. This topic is prevalent in Real Estate (nay LIFE) and my guest […]

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Conversations that Matter, Episode #1 with Michael Thorne

VERY exciting! This is our premiere Conversation That Matters and I am THRILLED to introduce (if you haven’t already met) Michael Thorne who is a licensed REALTOR® with Little Oak Realty in my town Langley, BC! He is also a VERY dear friend, Co-host of Mobile Agent TV – an internet TV show aimed at REMAX […]

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