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Mashup of Mobile Agent TV & CTM from Banff

Most of you know I’m a bit of a conference junkie but probably not for the reasons you think. It’s the opportunity to deepen my relationships and dig into amazing conversations like this one! We work in an industry I absolutely love because the people are so amazing! This week on CTM we partnered with […]

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What’s our WHY? We Talk Turkey on Mobile Agent TV

  Launching a career in real estate is no easy feat! There’s an overwhelming learning curve: sales contracts listings buyers marketing business development tools/tech… and on and on! Best advice I can give is watch MOBILE AGENT TV! Hosts Michael Thorne and Dave Fauquier host a weekly show where they delve in to THE BEST […]

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Conversations that Matter, Episode #1 with Michael Thorne

VERY exciting! This is our premiere Conversation That Matters and I am THRILLED to introduce (if you haven’t already met) Michael Thorne who is a licensed REALTOR® with Little Oak Realty in my town Langley, BC! He is also a VERY dear friend, Co-host of Mobile Agent TV – an internet TV show aimed at REMAX […]

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HOW AGENT QUEST WAS BORN Three years ago, Laura Monroe and I identified the OVERWHELM and FATIGUE existing in the real estate industry and felt that some INSPIRATION and practical applications were desperately needed! We wanted to fire agents up again, filter through all the noise and shiny new toy syndrome!… So we decided to […]

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