Seth Price, Placester and All IN on Content

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Seth Price is VP of Sales and Marketing at Placester, creators of uber clean, fresh, intuitive, classy websites and their approach to business is to make the most beautiful product, minus the friction and pain! YES PLEASE!

“As a consumer we’ve been sold a bill of goods that we need this laundry list of things.” ~ Seth Price

Seth says nonsense.  We all have systems and tools with multitudes of ‘features’ that we never use. He believes in the beauty of SIMPLE. So do I!

Additionally, Seth went ALL IN on content marketing but knew that they needed to create AMAZING content to separate themselves and gain traction.

“Individuals can either add to your life or take away from it” … a lesson learned at a young age Seth’s now applying to his strategy with Placester. He identified that people want experiences and he knew that this would be a long term play; an endurance race… not a sprint.

Placester has become the online “Real Estate University” (as I refer to it) when it comes to building your digital footprint and online marketing.

Placester has just recently received some Series A Funding and they are about to take over the world! They now partnered with Hearst Corporation and power the real estate sections of their newspapers (and other partnerships to be announced soon) AND they just partnered with NAR to offer $5.00 sites! #GameChanger

Where it gets fascinating for me is when Seth talks DESIGN and VISION. You’ll LOVE Seth’s take on those!

“This is about growing something that actually changes the industry. You only do that by reinvesting to scale your business.”

Oh yes! Love watching the company growth and development and YOU Seth!

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