Three years ago, Laura Monroe and I identified the OVERWHELM and FATIGUE existing in the real estate industry and felt that some INSPIRATION and practical applications were desperately needed! We wanted to fire agents up again, filter through all the noise and shiny new toy syndrome!… So we decided to build a program for Agents that would not only give them the tools and resources to run a successful business, but one that would actually help move the needle forward in a way that inspired them! We called it “Dare YOU!” and we had SO much fun designing our program together! THEN Laura got the call from Inman News and the rest, as they say, is history! 😉

Cut to a few years later and its time to dust off “Dare You” and breathe some new life into the program with Laura’s blessing of course! Introducing AGENT QUEST!


Life has a funny way of pushing you in new directions. Timing and experience have a lot to do with the launch of Agent Quest NOW! I have had so many fabulous opportunities, most recently getting to work closely with my Mentor and DEAR friend Matthew Ferrara and Dan Elzer, both WIDELY respected leaders in our industry!

I’ve been on a QUEST of my own the past few years and what I’ve learned is that most of the challenges we all face is due to an absence of CLARITY. Couple that with our fragile egos that won’t admit we need help and building a thriving business can be a VERY difficult challenge! Believe me! I know first hand!

Here’s what I know for sure: Success means different things to different people. My good friend Michael Thorne and I were just discussing this recently and we agree that if HAPPINESS isn’t a big part of your day to day life, then I don’t care how many ‘things’ you’ve acquired… you’re not successful. It HAS to be part of the equation!

I’ve also identified that its far wiser to play to your strengths and outsource the stuff that drives you mad! I’ve hired designers, photographers, writers, transcribers – you name it! My time is far more valuable… not to mention my sanity.

And many may not agree with this but I BELIEVE IN DESIGN! We live in a VERY noisy world with the constant bombardment of content flying at us via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest etc… and if you have a hope in hell of being discovered and developing a relationship with your customers, then you HAVE to create compelling content that captures attention. Content like Mobile Agent TV with Michael Thorne and Dave Fauquier; Raj Qsar’s amazing real estate marketing videos; Valerie Garcia’s inspirational and educational visual posts on Facebook etc etc etc. THE TRICK: Finding your own voice! This has far more to do with KNOWING yourself, your strengths, your limiting beliefs and your vision than anything else! Developing a brand is really all about CLARITY.

HENCE the launch of Agent Quest. I really do want to help you get CLEAR. Discover your voice. DESIGN a business that INSPIRES and DELIGHTS you! This business can be draining if you try to do it all yourself.

Agent Quest is about YOUR Quest. Your quest to discover yourself and the LIFE you’re trying to build.

Thank you to ALL the people who’ve supported me, taught me, and pulled me along during my quest!

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