Dan Keller; Family, Focus & FROG! (AND Baseball!!)

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Dan Keller is “My Mortgage Guy Dan”, a mortgage expert in the Seattle area that I met years ago when I first presented on stage at Inman News Agent Reboot. Dan inspired me immediately as  a man living in high integrity, extremely driven and extremely professional.  Even though he had just launched his business, (after a long career in BASEBALL!) it was evident that he was going to be highly successful. His level of confidence, commitment and focus set him apart! Clearly driven by the “Family First” motto, Dan works to be the ‘Best Husband’ and ‘Best Father’!

Dan’s wife & partner Jenny is equally extraordinary and owner of Jenny’s Cookies (as Dan says a tad sexier than mortgages! Talk about visually gorgeous!) Together they are a power couple! “The Banker & The Baker”. 🙂 (Not to mention the whole family is magazine photo ready! AM I RIGHT?? )

keller family

Dan believes in the ‘Law of Reciprocity’ and it shows in everything he does! He is thoughtful, generous and constantly sharing his values and his expertise. You can hear Dan on his own podcast “Coffee With Keller” and make sure to head to Dan’s site to download his Concierge package! Amazing valuable content!

If you’re curious about “FROG” as mentioned in the title of this post, so was I! Dan mentioned it in our conversation in reference to how he connects meaningfully and without pushy sales with this handy acronym:

FROG – Family Recreation Occupation and Goals!

If you ask people you meet about these key areas of their life, you’re sure to get to know a lot more about them and have them think a lot more of you!

The bulk of Dan’s business generation is still old school relationship management! Dan has created the ‘All About You’ form and tracks everything that matters to his clients in a very intentional way and STUDIES his database regularly!

Dan was also chosen for the THIRD YEAR IN A ROW as one of the industry’s 40 MOST INFLUENTIAL MORTGAGE PROFESSIONALS UNDER 40! Congrats Dan! Well deserved!

What makes this a ‘conversation that matters’? I believe that Dan is setting the bar very high by living his life by design very intentionally and with HIGH INTEGRITY. I am inspired by the level of commitment and dedication to his family and his goals. He truly is a ‘Good Man’! Follow him on Twitter: @DanKellerMtg and tell him ‘hi’ from me! 😉

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