Cracking Open a Conversation about Menopause (GASP) with Shirley Weir

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Men Don’t RUN!  We’re not looking to ‘
shut down the cocktail party’ as our guest puts it, but this conversation applies to you too!

Menopause is NOT a dirty word and we should be able to have open conversation around it. It’s a natural stage of life that affects not just the women who are experiencing the symptoms, but everyone who lives/loves her. SO we’re shattering some myths, and ‘cracking open’ the conversation with blogger Shirley Weir. (You’re REALLY going to want to check out her site that has been recognized as one of THE TOP menopause sites!)

Menopause does NOT = OLD! (BTW I think men have MANOPAUSE!)

Learn if you or your woman is possibly experiencing some perimenopause symptoms and you may be surprised to know it can start as early as 35 and what you can do to mitigate the symptoms and just know you’re not alone!

Let’s dispel the stigma around menopause and be your own health advocate!

PS – I set up a doctor’s appointment immediately following this conversation!

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