conversations that matter

Conversations that Matter provides a space where intelligent, purpose-full individuals can explore juicy topics that dig DEEP into the things that really matter in our lives. We are the podcast watched by people craving beefy conversations to feed their hungry minds and expand their perceptions.
In a world focused on metrics and analytics, with so little time to spare—many of our interactions just graze the surface. Our purpose is to provide a space where you can DIG DEEPER into that magical realm that lies beyond what can actually be measured. We aim to re-create those juicy midnight conversations… where everything around you disappears as you discuss topics that get your heart pumping and your mind spinning towards that revelatory “aha” moment!
Conversations that Matter is a podcast focused on exploring hearty topics for hungry minds. Host Teri Conrad invites leaders, visionaries, authors, executives, innovators, game changers, and philosophers of all levels to create a space where TRUTH is told, perspectives are re-examined and new ideas can emerge. By collaborating, bonding and sharing Teri facilitates a passionate and purpose-full exploration, which will lend fuel to the fiery matters in your life and business.

Geared towards people focused on quality of life and the pursuit of knowledge. People who believe in expanding their minds and their perceptions, to continually learn and grow…

It’s a space where you can relax, drop the mask and be real… where you can get connected to other like-minded folks in a more meaningful way.
Sit back and relax with your favourite adult beverage and open your mind to new leaders, thoughtful nuggets of knowledge, unique approaches to old topics…

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