Conversations That Matter, Episode #2 with Valerie Garcia

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Valerie Garcia is Director of Training for Remax Integra, responsible for training 17,000 agents!  You know ~ Just a few. 😉 This girl knows her stuff! She just spoke on 2 panels at Inman Connect in San Francisco and she joins me for our 2nd Conversation That Matters.

We discuss the importance of ongoing education, what the pain points are for agents and how she shapes the training around those pain points.

Shiny object vs basic tools! Distractions may take you away from what you could be doing to move you forward in your business BUT does that mean you stop chasing them?

Val discusses proactively CHOOSING to carve out time for social and consciously designing her personal brand using social media. Connection to industry and staying in the know is VITAL for Val!

Valerie’s CLASSIC advice on how to post amazing content and engaging in social media and other BIG AHAs or as I like to refer to them “Valerie-isms” 🙂

And we tackle the BIG ELEPHANT in the room: FEAR ~ and how that has been such a driver or stopping block in our industry!

I know you’ll love this conversationEnjoy Val’s snarky humor 😉

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